How to Choose the Right Fountain Contractor

A water fountain can be an incredible addition to any commercial space. With so many styles, sizes, and options for features, the ways they can enhance a business or public place are nearly endless.

Commercial Pools: How to Avoid Going Over Budget During the Construction Phase

Constructing a commercial pool is a massive undertaking. Without the proper preparation and expertise, it’s easy to go over your budget. Here’s how to plan a project so that the finished pool construction is everything you’ve been envisioning – without the excess cost.

How to Choose the Proper Equipment for Commercial Swimming Pools

It’s not easy to maintain sparkling-clean water in a commercial swimming pool – unless you have the right equipment. With the correct water treatment system, filtration system, pool pump, chlorinator and heating pump, your pool will be a safe and beautiful place to swim.

Commercial Pool Design: 5 Things to Consider as an Architect

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it’s safe to say everyone loves a pool. But the process of designing a commercial pool is a unique one filled with complexity. Here are some of the things every architect should factor into their commercial pool designs.

Outdoor Commercial Water Fountains: 5 Reasons They Will Make Your Next Project a Success

If you’re in the process of designing an outdoor commercial space, one option you must consider is adding an architectural fountain. Outdoor fountains are a unique way to transform even the most ordinary commercial projects into extraordinary ones.

Water Design Architecture: How to Start Incorporating Water in Your Architectural Project

As a landscape architect, you’re likely always on the hunt for innovative features you can incorporate into your designs. Your secret weapon may be something that’s already all around and in you: water.

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