FOGPAVER™ - Fog Effect

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Commercial FOGPAVER™ with Sustainability in Mind

The FOGPAVER™ system by Soucy Aquatik features simple, sustainable aesthetics designed with public spaces in mind. Our sleek FOGPAVER™ is designed to go the extra mile. Combining minimal maintenance with maximum innovation, our commercial-grade fog system is uniquely designed, tested, and manufactured. Features include:

  • Rugged stainless steel fabrication
  • Adaptable paver dimensions
  • LED lighting enhancements
  • Lighting color options
  • Fog, jet, and combination integrations
  • Low water consumption

The FOGPAVER™ is eco-friendly and consumes 40 times less water than traditional fountain jets. Its sleek design minimizes dirt and grime build-up for easy maintenance.

Community Togetherness

Plazas and public spaces can benefit greatly from the FOGPAVER™. Visitors can refresh themselves without getting soaked. Children can play while parents relax and watch. People love the look and feeling created by water features – it brings them together. The recreational dimension created by the FOGPAVER™ heightens the experience. Making water available to people in public spaces says much about the community’s focus on trust and friendship.

FOGPAVER™ Offers A New Design Element

The FOGPAVER™ adds a stunning creative element to public spaces. Adults and children alike will be delighted by the spectacle created by gentle fog. As visually appealing as they are eco-friendly, our fog system offers architects a new design tool. When laying out blueprints, the customizable sizes of our fountain and FOGPAVER™ make them a perfect addition to any public space design. The FOGPAVER™ system can be further customized by LED color technology for beautiful nighttime aesthetics. Regardless of their surroundings, our paver systems fit well into any outdoor project.

Aquatic Design and Construction You Can Trust

For over 50 years Soucy Aquatik has been the leader in aquatic design and construction in North America. Turn to us for all your fountain and FOGPAVER™ needs.