Nordic Spa Case Study: Strøm Spa Old Quebec

The Strøm Nordic Spa in Old Quebec City is one of the largest and without a doubt most magnificent spas in the province of Quebec. It features eight interior and exterior baths, includes an infinity pool, a steam bath made of marble and North America’s largest flotation bath. As soon as you walk in, Strøm Spa Quebec provides an atmosphere of relaxation and a feeling of intimacy.

Soucy Aquatik had the opportunity to work on the design and installation of the mechanical systems for the baths and construction of the baths structure.Our team of specialists worked diligently to deliver this beautiful and modern project that contributes to the development of The City of Quebec.


The art of mastering water can be in itself a challenge. No matter how many years of experience you have,challenges can arise. Soucy Aquatik faced and overcame the following challenges during the Strøm Spa project:

Work Schedule:

The schedule was a challenge because the client wanted the spa to open as quickly as possible.This because they wanted to keep the excitement and momentum going for this well anticipated spa. Opening before the holiday season and giving back to the community was an important factor for the client, and we understood this need and importance.

Weather Conditions:

Soucy Aquatik had eight months to deliver the project, starting in March with a completion date in October. This was challenging because we had to commence work during the early months of Spring and work through to the fall. Working rain or shine and dealing with the colder weather of Quebec can bring on certain challenges, such as frozen grounds and very strong winds.

Custom Waterfalls:

Two custom waterfalls were integrated into the walls. Over a two-week period, we conducted multiple mock-up tests at our warehouse. During these tests, we adjusted the flow of the water and the height of the waterfall but most importantly made sure that we created exactly what theclient envisioned.

Floating Bath:

This bath is the largest floating bath in North America. It includes a large amount of Epsom salt and it brought on a challenge in having the right chemical treatments in order to keep the bath clean.Also due to the high quantities of Epsom Salt, we had to carefully select and install the most appropriate anti-corrosion equipment on the market (i.e. under water lighting and speakers).

How Our Services Helped

Our services helped deliver the project on time and work more efficiently on the field. Our mechanical system was designed using 3D Revit and the BIM process to be able to integrate everything with MEP system and architecture. In turn, this helped respect the schedule and provided better coordination with the other trades involved (i.e. general contractor, excavation, and other subcontractors). Initially the plan included one mechanical room for all the baths however we recommended to have 3 separate mechanical rooms primarily because more space was needed. Also as mentioned the floating bath requires large amounts of Epsom salt and it was important to keep the electrical and mechanical components separate from other baths.

Furthermore, we had our engineer project manager on-site full-time to supervise the work and ensure all the coordination and clients’ requests were met.

Providing thorough mock-up tests helped during the design phase to deliver the expected results. These mock-up tests were crucial as they allowed us to make adjustments and validate the design. In addition, we brought the knowledge transfer needed for pool usage and ergonomics.

The client had a lot of ideas and vision for this spa and it was important that we were able to bring this vision to life while integrating our expertise and ensuring the best outcome. We provided our recommendations for what was realistic for this project and we validated the feasibility of the installations and provided complementary solutions.

Bath 1 & 2 mechanical room
Bath 3-7 mechanical room (view 1)
Floating bath and mechanical room
Bath 3-7 mechanical room (view 2)


Strøm Spa in Old Quebec wanted to outshine the other locations with its historic setting and it definitely accomplished its goal. Since opening, it has provided a real sanctuary for peace and relaxation and has been the talk of the town.

By providing our expertise and services, we were able to help Strøm Spa become one of the largest spas in the province of Quebec and a memorable experience for all of its visitors.

We also received recognition for our work from the Canadian Pool and Hot Tub Council, Design & Construction Award 2019. We were awarded Silver for the public hot tub category.

‘’The current of the St. Lawrence River, reminds us that our inner strength, when aligned with that of nature, can result in something great and beautiful.’’

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