9 Reasons to Choose a Qualified Commercial Pool Contractor for Start-up, Training, and Maintenance

Whether it’s next to a colorful splash pad or nestled in a luxurious hotel spa, a commercial pool is an essential feature of hotels, resorts, fitness centers, and aquatic entertainment facilities, providing recreation and relaxation for visitors and guests. The successful operation of these pools relies heavily on the expertise of qualified commercial pool contractors.

In this article, we will explore the critical role of a qualified commercial pool contractor in ensuring the smooth start-up, effective training, and commercial pool maintenance. By teaming up with the right company, your project will have an advantage of the many skills that can only be provided by qualified professionals.

1. An Understanding of Commercial Pool Equipment

One of the primary reasons for hiring a qualified commercial pool contractor is their deep knowledge of commercial pool equipment. Commercial pools are equipped with complex systems and machinery, including filtration systems, pumps, water heaters, and chemical control systems. A qualified contractor understands the intricacies of these components, ensuring they are properly installed, calibrated, and maintained.

A qualified commercial pool contractor will have procedures, training, and competent personnel in place to ensure that each system is operated properly.

2. Control Equipment Programming Expertise

Modern commercial pools often incorporate advanced control equipment for managing water quality, temperature, operating levels, and the history performed on the system. These control systems require programming expertise to ensure they function optimally. A qualified contractor employs experienced control technicians who can program and maintain these systems effectively, preventing operational issues and potential hazards. This ensures that you have a history of the parameters and manipulations in the system in order to adequately preserve the warranties offered by the manufacturers.

Their ability to navigate complex programming ensures that commercial pools operate efficiently, maintain optimal water conditions, and enhance safety, all of which are essential factors in delivering a top-tier aquatic experience to guests and visitors.

3. Effective Schedule Planning

Proper planning is important for commercial pool construction and maintenance. Scheduling should include a minimum of one week for start-up and commissioning, which involves testing and fine- tuning all pool equipment, water treatment systems, and ensuring their seamless integration. A qualified contractor ensures that this schedule is adhered to, preventing delays and cost overruns.

Soucy Aquatik will even visit project sites before start-up begins to create reports and double-check coordination with other trades.

4. Coordination with Other Trades

Effective communication and coordination with other trades like electrical, plumbing, and ventilation is paramount in commercial pool projects. A qualified contractor fosters collaboration to ensure all necessary connections are established before start-up. This cooperation reduces the risk of installation errors, which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

5. Pre-Start-Up Inspections

Preparation for start-up includes thorough inspections to identify potential issues. A qualified commercial pool contractor, like Soucy Aquatik, conducts pre-start-up visits and creates

comprehensive reports. This step ensures that nothing is overlooked, and any necessary adjustments are made before the start-up begins.

6. Training for Personnel

Personnel training is a vital aspect of pool operation. A qualified contractor conducts commercial pool maintenance training sessions for staff to ensure they understand the pool’s operation, maintenance, and safety procedures. Given the potential for staff turnover, Soucy Aquatik records these sessions, allowing new employees to access valuable training resources in the future.

7. Timing of Training

The timing of staff training is essential. If the pool is delivered right before the Winter season, then it is recommended to do the training to winterize the pool then do another training in the Spring to reopen the pool systems. This allows staff to gain hands-on experience and become familiar with the pool’s systems before the busy season begins.

8. Long-Term Maintenance

The longevity of a commercial pool project depends on proper maintenance. A qualified commercial pool contractor understands the products and equipment used in the project and can provide ongoing maintenance services. Using residential contractors for maintenance can lead to system deprogramming and equipment damage, as the needs of commercial pools differ significantly from residential ones.

9. Preventing Damage to Pool Finishes and Equipment

Improper handling of water treatment control panels can result in damage to pool finishes and equipment, including pumps and water heaters. When the lining is affected by poor water quality management, the result is a long shutdown period and costly work for the client. In addition to the resurfacing work, applied products need to be cured, restarted, and chemically balanced again. A qualified commercial pool contractor ensures that the control equipment is correctly managed, preserving the aesthetics and functionality of the pool.

Work with Experts, Enjoy Long-Term Results

The importance of choosing a qualified contractor cannot be overstated. Constructing a water feature in any commercial setting differs greatly than that of a residential pool. The process is best left to

highly trained professionals. Their expertise with equipment, programming, scheduling, communication, inspections, training, and maintenance is essential for the successful start-up, safe operation, and long-term sustainability of these valuable amenities. When investing in a commercial pool, choosing a qualified commercial pool contractor is an investment in the pool’s reliability, efficiency, and overall quality.

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