Outdoor Commercial Water Fountains: 5 Reasons They Will Make Your Next Project a Success

If you’re in the process of designing an outdoor commercial space, one option you must consider is adding an architectural fountain. Outdoor fountains are a unique way to transform even the most ordinary commercial projects into extraordinary ones. If you’re on the fence about the decision, take a look at these top reasons why outdoor commercial water fountains enhance any location.

1. Instantly Make Any Space Look More Stunning

The most obvious benefit of outdoor water fountains is how aesthetically pleasing they are. Every fountain is a work of art, and if you’re getting yours custom-made, it’s something that no one else will be able to say they have. Outdoor water fountains can be understated and minimalistic, showstopping statements, or somewhere in between. Water fountains come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of colors and textures.

There are several different styles of fountains to choose from. Some of the most popular types include:

Courtyard-style fountains

— This is likely the style that first comes to mind when you picture an outdoor fountain. They are characterized by multiple tiers and are typically symmetrical all the way around. While you may typically think of them as more formal and elegant, they can definitely be artistic and modern.

Waterfall fountains

— If you want to really emulate nature, a waterfall fountain is a perfect choice. These fountains harness the power of gravity to direct water from a basin at a higher level to a lower one where the water is then recirculated by a pump.

Floating fountains

— This is a spray of water that comes from a nozzle located inside a pond or a pool. When the spray goes up, it gives the illusion of floating above the larger body of water.

Wall fountains

—This type of fountain features water cascading from walls. It’s an understated space saver that tends to take on a more modern aesthetic.

2. Attract Gorgeous Wildlife

Not only are commercial water fountains gorgeous all on their own, but they can also enhance the beauty of whatever space they are in with the gorgeous wildlife they attract. It won’t take long for you to realize that creatures big and small are stopping by your fountain for a cool drink of water! You’ll definitely have some butterfly, bird, and dragonfly visitors, but you may have some others too. Depending on where you’re located, you could have bigger animals like deer, elk, and moose.

Outdoor fountains can be a hotspot for domesticated animals too. Some dogs may pause for a drink if their pet parents allow.

This makes a water fountain more than just a piece of decor. It becomes an attraction! People may stop by simply to admire a bit of nature in action.

You may be concerned about your fountain attracting microscopic wildlife such as mold and mildew like you would see in a pool. But because the water is constantly circulating in a fountain, you don’t have to worry about this unsightly buildup. As long as you are properly caring for your fountain, the water should stay clear and beautiful! Fountain maintenance is usually pretty simple so you won’t have to put in a lot of work in this area either.

3. Make Any Space More Fun with an Architectural Fountain

Have you ever walked by an outdoor water feature like Fog Pavers™ to see children or maybe even adults running through the water, laughing, and having a great time? There’s nothing like it! It takes any ordinary sidewalk and turns it into a sprinkler that will be enjoyed during intense summer days.

Outdoor commercial fountains can be fun for other reasons. For example, some fountains incorporate colorful lighting for a completely unique aesthetic that makes any space more exciting. Even the wildlife that some architectural fountains attract can significantly increase the “fun factor” of any location.

4. Set the Mood for the Space

Outdoor commercial water fountains are unique because they don’t just change the appearance of a space. They play a crucial role in the ambiance! If your business is in a bustling downtown district, surrounded by concrete and lots of traffic, everyone who goes into your business could benefit from a little more nature. Water is the perfect way to incorporate a bit of nature into any space and shift the mood.

A lot of people automatically think of outdoor fountains as peaceful because the sound of rushing water relaxes many people. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can control the sound of the water (and with it, the ambiance) by adjusting the water pressure and the distance the water has to travel before striking a surface. An experienced fountain contractor should be able to help you set the tone by making suggestions in this area.

Some water features also incorporate lighting, which can completely change the mood of an area even based on the time of day. During the day, the lighting may be off or not visible which will create a more peaceful mood while everyone is busy working. Then, at night when the lights turn on, the mood may shift to a more upbeat one as everyone is off work. Some fountains even feature colorful neon lights that can flash for some extra excitement.

5. Minimize Distracting Noises

Part of setting the mood for a space is the noises that an outdoor fountain makes. But it’s also worth noting that fountains are also enjoyable because of the noises they drown out.

If your business is located on a busy street, a fountain can serve as a barrier, effectively blocking out some of the loud traffic noises. It’s much less overwhelming to hear the sound of rushing water than to hear honking and speeding cars. If construction is happening nearby or there are any other noises that could be distracting, you might consider adding a fountain to make the ambient noise more palatable.

Too much noise, no matter what the source is, can be a turn-off to potential clients or customers. But when you replace that terrible racket with the soothing sound of rushing water, your business will make a much better impression on potential customers and clients. It’s also better for all your employees who may have a hard time focusing on their work when there are so many obnoxious noises nearby.

You can’t control how much noise is in the general vicinity of your business, but there are easy things you can do to minimize the disruption of that noise. Installing an outdoor fountain is one of the best, most effective ways to do exactly that!

Make Your Vision a Reality with the Fountain Contractors at Soucy Aquatik

These are just a few of the best reasons why you should add a fountain to your outdoor commercial space. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Soucy Aquatic’s gallery of past projects. We’ve designed fountains for all kinds of aesthetics and of every shape and size.

Whether you have a precise vision for your outdoor commercial fountain or you’re not sure where to get started, we can help! Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your needs.

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