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Aga Khan Garden Fountain

Architectural Fountains

Aga Khan Garden Fountain
Aquatic Construction

Architectural Fountain in Alberta

The breathtaking Aga Khan Garden located in Edmonton, Alberta is a place of reflection, contemplation, joy and festivities. The garden is 4.8 hectares, features secluded forest paths, granite and limestone terraces, still standing pools that reflect the prairie sky, and a waterfall that tumbles over textured stone. Soucy Aquatik worked on the central water channel that flows through the ‘’Chahar Bagh’’, the fog effect that fills the ‘’Ice Chabutra’’, the ‘’Rose Fountain’’, and the waterfall at the ‘’Chinikhana’’. This project is a perfect example of how water can uplift the human spirit.




Edmonton, Alberta

Our scope of work

Stainless steel custom parts for re-circulation of water
Equipment room
Filtration system
Automation panels and devices
Water effects

Mock-up test
Equipment Supply
Start-up & Training