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Expert in Design
and Aquatic Construction

Architectural Fountains - Swimming Pools - Aquatic Play Features - WaterParks - Spas and Nordic Baths - Skateparks

Dedicated to building beautiful water architecture, Soucy Aquatik is the top aquatic construction company in Canada.

With over 1,400 projects to its name, the company has built its success on the specialized expertise of its 100 trailblazing employees, leading aquatic engineering into the future with state-of-the-art projects.

Founded in Quebec City in 1964,

Soucy Aquatik specializes in the design, construction, and renovation of architectural fountains, pools, water games, spas, nordic baths, and skateparks at the commercial, municipal, and institutional levels.


Whether if is for a design assistance or a "design build" project, our team will be able to help you regardless your type of projects.

Our team is known for design projects that meet the highest standards and regulations: Regulations respecting water quality in swimming pools and artificial pools Q-2, R.39, Regulation respecting safety in public baths B-1.1, R.11, Construction Code B-1.1, A.2 and high standards of FINA.

"Our electromechanical engineering design specialists draft a project’s technical drawings all the way up to the construction plan."

Our Team:

1. Helps you assess your needs

2. Provides advice and proposes water features and/or equipment and construction alternatives

3. Deals with technical and budget constraints

4. Provides technical advice

5. Adapts its proposals to your needs


Soucy Aquatik can assist you with your aquatic construction project no matter where or how big it is. So go ahead and think big—we’ll be up to the task.

  • Renovation and restoration of existing systems

  • Formwork, framework, and concreting

  • Shotcrete

  • Pool finish

  • Design and design-build

  • Water filtration and treatment

  • Process mechanics

  • Automation

A project manager will be right there with you throughout the project for all major phases up to delivery.

  • Equipment

    1. Choosing equipment compliant with regulations on water quality and safety in public baths

  • Coordination

    2. Coordinating with other professionals (structure, architectural, mechanical, and electrical drawings) and sending shop drawings and needs lists

  • Design

    3. Preparing 2D, 3D, or Revit drawings such as:
    a. Structural and component integration drawings
    b. Piping and mechanical equipment one-line diagrams
    c. Needs list and electrical and plumbing drawings

  • Construction

    4. Delivering construction plans with written specifications on how to build water components to prevent construction errors

  • Maintenance

    5. Training your maintenance team at delivery (or you can let us handle maintenance)

03.Shop tests

Our test pool allows us to construct full-scale models and project sections. These tests enable us to measure splash size, determine specific details, and eliminate the risk of complications.

04.Ask for our aquatic products catalogue

A product catalogue will be available to you throughout the project and beyond, providing access to a full range of pool, water basin, and fountain equipments. From its maintenance products to its competition equipment, the catalogue will help you keep your aquatic installations in working order.

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