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Noah Spa

Hot tubs and Nordic Baths

Noah Spa
Aquatic Design and Engineering

Hot Tubs and Nordic Baths in Quebec

Located on the enchanting site of the Cache du Lac Champlain, the Noah Spa is a unique health care center in Canada offering a relaxing spa experience to guests'. This watergenic pool includes individual massage beds, a counter-current walking corridor, neck massage fountains, water jet cubicles, air jet cubicles, water jet benches, water and air massage cubicles, and a cold bath with massaging waterfall. The perfect place to relax and decompress!




Venise-en-Quebec, Quebec

Our scope of work

Supply and installation of piping;
Installation of the filtration and recirculation system;
Installation of the chlorine water treatment system;
Installation of two water level control systems;
Installation of integrated equipment in the basin;
Formwork of the walls, benches and stairs of the bath and formwork, reinforcement and concreting of the overflow channel at the perimeter of the basin;
Application of two layers of Aquabright on the entire surface walls and floor of the basin;
Design and layout of the spa mechanics with the help of the software revit;
Mechanical and structural plans sealed by an engineer member of the O.I.Q.