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Domino Park

Architectural Fountains

Domino Park
Aquatic Design and Engineering

Architectural Fountain in New York

Domino Park is located in the 11 acre Domino Sugar Factory site and is New York’s newest waterfront recreational public space. This park is situated north of the Williamsburg Bridge and celebrates the history of one of New York’s most iconic industrial waterfront sites. Soucy Aquatik worked on the fountain located on the main deck and the ''Pier Reveal'', also known as the fog garden. The fountain consists of 88 jets with RGB LED lighting, 1 scrim effect, 6 effect pumps and a complete filtration system with UV disinfection equipment. The fog garden is composed of 312 nozzles and 2 fog effect pumps. Our team is proud to say we contributed to the success of this breathtaking project.




Brooklyn, New York

Our scope of work

Mechanical design and engineering
Equipment supply
Construction supervision
Technical support

Mock-up test
Equipment supply
Start-up & commissioning