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Lunch & Learn August 22, 2016

Maximize your dinner period with the Lunch & Learn offered by Soucy Aquatik. They are a simple and effective way to approach the aquatic best practices. These dynamic and interactive formation can handle following subjects:


• Fog effects : Learn more about this ecological, elegant and customizable fountain;
• Optimize the construction of a swimming pool or an aquatic complex due to the technologies and the appropriate equipment;
• A custom-made skatepark to increase its sustainability and the pleasure of the skateboarders;
• Water games-ice rink: an entertaining leisure four seasons which respects the environment;
• Learn more about conception and construction of a fountain and the multiple offered options.


Our knowledge in the aquatic domain since almost 50 years allowed us to develop a unique expertise. These formations can allow you, to save important costs of construction, to improve the sustainability of a project and to learn more on the new technological breakthroughs and the novelties in our domain.