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AQLP Education session ” Innovate through the process of a skatepark construction” November 2 and 22, 2016

Come to our formation named” Innovate through the process of a skatepark construction”.



The skateboard strongly evolved over the years. It become a sport respected and practised by more and more skateboarders, it’s now essential for municipalities to adapt themselves to the needs of their citizens. This feducation session highlights elements studied and appreciated by the amateurs of skateboards. Further to their numerous experiments to design and to build skateparks, Soucy Aquatik and BC2 wish to transmit their knowledge on the subject. Interviews made with young skateboarders and analyses of their behavior allowed to draw up a list of the determining factors which satisfy the professionals of this urban sport. Finally, the keys of success of a well done project will be revealed to you during this presentation.


Where: Montreal and Quebec City – Room to be determined


When: November 2th for Quebec City and November 22th for Montreal





For more informations, please contact Jessica Mark at [email protected]